Meditation in Motion


About Movement Concept

From many ancient cultures archaic dancing sequences have been handed down. They have a direct impact on our consciousness and our perception. To practice them is a form of meditation in motion. This opens the door to a conscious experience of the unity of body, mind, and soul.

These magic steps tap into archetypal roles and create a space for conscious ritual in our lives. These movement sequences are quite easy to learn and open the door to a space beyond our every day worries and the constant struggle with our past and our future. This is an invitation to be present with your own being, physical body, and essence.

Through the practice of moving meditation you have an opportunity to explore your rhythm, voice, and movement while being accompanied by live music.

I studied with Ingo Taleb Rashid, founder of Movement Concept, theatre director, choreographer and Sheikh of Naqshbandi Rashidiya Sufi Tradition.

Video - el haddawi - movement concept

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