Capoeira Angola

About Capoeira Angola


Capoeira is a martial art/dance/fight that originated in Brazil over 400 years ago. Brought to Brazilian plantations by African slaves, it emerged out of traditional movements and musical rhythms. Symbolic of liberation and freedom, Capoeira has become an integral part of Brazilian culture. It is played by people of all ages and is gaining in popularity around the world.


Capoeira is played by small groups in rodas (circles). In the center of the roda two people play together. One starts by asking a question in the form of a movement and their partner answers with a response movement. A constant flow is created between the players in harmony with the music being played and sung.


The movements and pace of each game are guided by the rhythms of a one-stringed instrument called the berimbau. It is accompanied by a pandeiro (tambourine), agogo (cow bell), reco reco (bamboo scraper), and traditional Folk Songs of Afro-Brazilian culture.

Class Approach

Everybody is welcome

A step by step approach to training is provided. All students are initially given basic movements to practice and as the advance, they learn more complex movements. In a typical class, students will be asked to work in pairs and individually where one-on-one attention is provided. At the end of each class a roda occurs. This is where all the students come together and apply the movements they were preacticing, while learning how to play traditional Capoeira instruments and sing in Portuguese.

Classes include stretching, warm-up, and training in Capoeira movements. We will also address traditional rules and philosophy.

Class duration rages between 1 - 2 hours. Classes are appropriate for children over the age of 6.

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